We can make Custom Screensavers for you using your images. Your images must be in either the JPG, GIF or BMP formats only and sized to 640 x 480. If you would like a background sound for your Screensaver then it needs to be in the WAV, MIDI or MP3 format.

You can try our Demo Screensaver to see what your final Screensaver might look like.


Screensaver $10.00
Add a Text Description to your photos $1.50 per photo
Background Sound - You provide Free
Background Sound - We provide (List of what we have) $2.00
Scanning & Graphics Work $10.00 an hour
Screensaver mailed on floppy disk or CD (your choice) $5.00 extra


We prefer that you send us your images on a floppy disk(s) or CD along with any sound files that you would like included.
If you are sending photos to be scanned, then they MUST be sent insured with the appropriate amount added to your total to also return them to you insured, return receipt requested.
Send a check or money order for the total amount to:

Alan Klein
5414 Guide Meridian
Bellingham, Wa. 98226

Please allow 4-6 weeks to receive your screensaver by mail, or 3-4 weeks to be able to download it from our site.

More Info:

If you would like more info about our Screensavers or have more questions don't hesitate to Email us.

Page Updated: 22 December, 2001