1. Houston, Texas Tax List, September, 1839
  2. Assessor's Roll of Crown Point Everyone from Oed Abbot to Peter Wright had to pay taxes in Essex County, New York in the year 1818. View the complete list.
  3. Buffalo, New York Tax Roll Ezekial Lane paid 24 cents in taxes during the year of 1800. Learn how much the other property owners paid.
  4. Cumberland County Taxes John R Adam owned six slaves and paid taxes in this North Carolina county during 1815. Find out who else had to give to the taxman.
  5. Finding Minimum Information for Tax Records Offers a guide to finding tax records. Get help with finding a name and places of birth, marriage, and death.
  6. Greene County Tax List Not only did these Tennessee residents pay taxes in 1783, but most of them also fought in the Revolutionary War.
  7. Henderson County Tax Roll View the names of Kentucky residents who paid their taxes in 1799.
  8. Kanawha County Tax List West Virginia tax records from 1840 reveal the taxpayers' names and the number of horses, mules, colts, and "pleasure carriages" they owned.
  9. Land and Tax Records Discover how these types of records can be beneficial in tracking down one's ancestry.
  10. Montgomery County Tax List View the list of taxpayers who lived in Montgomery County, North Carolina in 1779 and 1780.
  11. New Kent County Land Tax of 1782 View the list of property owners who paid taxes in 1782. Includes the number of acres they owned in this Virginia county.
  12. Perquimans County Taxables Read a transcription from a 1702 document that lists the "tithables" taken in this North Carolina county.
  13. Philadelphia County Taxables Peruse the 1734 list of taxpayers who lived in what is now Berks County, Pennsylvania.
  14. Rowan County Tax List Browse through the oldest list of taxpayers that was found in Rowan, North Carolina.
  15. Surry County Tax List Find out who paid taxes during 1786 in the region now known as Forsyth, North Carolina.
  16. Surry County Taxables View the list of those who had to pay the taxman in this North Carolina area during 1786.
  17. Sussex County Tax Lists Browse through the 1773-74 tax records from various New Jersey townships.
  18. Williamson County, Illinois Tax Book Provides a lengthy list of taxpayers from the year 1891.
  19. Wood County Tax List Offers a list of West Virginia tax payers in 1801.

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