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Passenger Lists

  1. Passenger Lists for Ships Carrying the "Foreign Protestants" to Nova Scotia - 119 Families 30 May 1752 "SALLY" John Robinson, Master
  2. Passenger Lists for Ships Carrying the "Foreign Protestants" to Nova Scotia - 85 Families 5 Jun 1752 "GALE" Thomas Casson, Master
  3. The Olive Tree Genealogy - Index to Nova Scotia Passenger Lists
  4. Passenger Lists From Ireland - 1803 - This list contains the first ships lists of 1803.
  5. SC Archives: Ship Passenger Lists - Downloadable ASCII format  Passenger Lists.
  6. PASSENGER LISTS UK TO AUSTRALIA 1910 - Commercial site that charges for searching.
  7. Ireland to New Brunswick Passenger Lists - Passengers To New Brunswick: The Custom House Records,1833, 34, 37 & 38.
  8. Australia-New Zealand Passenger Lists - This page is designed to help family historians locate passenger lists for migrant ships to Australia/New Zealand.
  9. German-Texan Immigrant Passenger Lists - Passenger Lists of Early German-Texan Immigrants
  10.  American Historical Society of Germans from Russia Access the ship and immigration records that reveal names and destination. Includes a listing of Mennonite ships.
  11. American Plantations and Colonies - Ship Index Provides a list of ships that traveled from Europe to America. Also features passenger lists for a few specific ships.
  12. - Ship Passenger Arrival Records Find out where to request forms for finding out about an ancestor's journey by ship to the US.
  13. Canary Islanders Migration to Louisiana Lists the vessels and passengers that went from the Canary Islands to the US between 1778 to 1783.
  14. Chester County Ships List Provides a list of ships that brought immigrants to Chester County, Pennsylvania from 1681 to 1687. Also features a few listings of passengers.
  15. Early Ships Provides the passenger lists of the Mayflower and other historic ships that ventured to America.
  16. Emigration from Norway Read about the passenger ships that transported Norweigian immigrants from 1825 to 1925. Includes a few passenger lists.
  17. Emigration/Ship Lists and Resources Provides lists of passenger lists of ships that brought immigrants to the United States. Also offers related resources.
  18. Fifty Years in Queensland Browse through the list of immigrants to Queensland during the 19th century and find out what ship they came in on.
  19. German Roots - Finding Passenger Lists German Americans can use this tutorial to find out which ships their ancestors arrived on.
  20. Great Lakes Shipping Genealogy Offers help to those who want to learn more about their ancestors who sailed on the Great Lakes.
  21. Holland Emigrants Descendants of Dutch immigrants might be able to find their ancestors on these passenger lists.
  22. Immigrant Ships to West Michigan Features a list of ships that carried some of the first colonists to the area. Includes rosters of the passengers with their countries of origin.
  23. Immigration Records and Ship Passenger Lists Find help with locating the passenger lists of immigrant ships. Includes a bibliography of research references.
  24. Immigration to Victoria Searchable index provides the names, ages, and ships of those who came to Victoria, Australia from England between 1852 and 1859.
  25. Inward Overseas Passengers from Foreign Ports Browse through the list of last names of immigrants to Victoria, Australia from 1852 to 1859 and find out what ship they came in on.
  26. Irish Passenger Lists Resource for finding the people and ships that emigrated from Ireland to the US and Canada.
  27. Irish Ships to Boston Bostonians of Irish descent can find out which ships their ancestors arrived on.
  28. Locating Ship Passenger Lists Read an article that provides help in finding ancestors who arrived by boat.
  29. Lost Submarines Find a list of subs that were lost by the US Navy and view the passenger names.
  30. Lunenburg County Passenger Lists Discover the names of the "foreign Protestants" who arrived in Nova Scotia between 1750 and 1752 and find out what the ships were called.
  31. New Netherlands Ships' Passenger Lists Find out who traveled to the area now known as New York from 1630 to 1664.
  32. Nova Scotia Bound Get the names of vessels and passengers that made the trip across the Atlantic between 1750 and 1862.
  33. Nova Scotia Passenger Lists See who arrived in Nova Scotia by ship in the mid-1700s and find out what ship they came in on.
  34. Olive Tree Genealogy - Ships' Passenger Lists Features passenger lists of ships from 1492 to 1914. Most of them are from Europe to America.
  35. Palatine Passenger Lists Provides lists of immigrants who traveled by ship in the 1700s.
  36. Passenger Lists - Genealogy Resources Find out how to get started on that search for ancestors who arrived by boat. Includes a section devoted to disasters.
  37. Passenger Lists from Ireland Lists the ships that carried Irish immigrants. Some passenger lists include occupations and town of origin.
  38. Passenger Lists on the Internet Browse the list of sites offering lists of passengers on ships and trains immigrating into the US. Features links to specific ships or countries.
  39. Pennsylvania Passenger Ships' Lists Pennsylvanians can find out which ships their ancestors sailed in on.
  40. Peter Hodge's Genealogy Personal genealogy resource also features the passenger lists for three ships that emigrated to Australia in the mid-1800s.
  41. Planters of the Commonwealth - Passenger Lists View the names of those who left Europe for America in the 17th century. Ships include the Planter and the Winthrop Fleet of 1630.
  42. Portuguese Passenger Ship Master List Americans of Portuguese descent can find ships and passenger lists from 1849 to 1901.
  43. Ships List Find out about ancestors who came to America by boat by signing up for the mailing list. Also features archived messages.
  44. Abigail, The Gives a list of passengers who went from London to New England in 1635.
  45. Alderney and Nancy - Passengers Offers a list of the immigrant Protestants who migrated to Nova Scotia on either of these two boats in 1750.
  46. Angel Gabriel 1635 Browse through a partial list of passengers who rode on this ill-fated ship that was bound for New England.
  47. Bark Charlotte Harrison Passenger List Descendants of passengers aboard the 1850 voyage to New York are encouraged to contact the webmaster. Includes a description of the vessel.
  48. Barque Tay Passenger List Peruse the August 1840 list of passengers who went from Greenock to New York. Includes links to a few descendants.
  49. Ben Nevis Find the names of Wendish colonists who came to Texas in 1854.
  50. Board the Dorset Gives the names and ages of those who sailed aboard the Dorset in 1635.
  51. Bowditch Passenger List Find the names of those who went from Liverpool to New York in 1839 aboard this ship.
  52. Brig Alexander and the Glendale Settlers View a list of the passengers who traveled from Scotland to Prince Edward Island in 1772.
  53. Brig Fanny Offers the names of immigrants who sailed from Charlottetown to California on Nov 12, 1849.
  54. Elizabeth - Passengers View a list of immigrants who traveled aboard the ship on April 17, 1635.
  55. Germanic, The - Passengers Offers a partial list of those who rode aboard the White Star Line Steamship from Ireland to New York in June, 1903.
  56. Isabella Bath Michigan residents who trace their roots back to the Netherlands may be able to find an ancestor on the list of passengers.
  57. Jasper Ship Defence Manifest Discover the names and ages of those who journeyed from London to Boston on October 8, 1635.
  58. Johnson Prisoners View a list of prisoners that were brought over on the ship "Johnson" to Port Oxford, Maryland on July 17, 1747.
  59. Ladies of the Royal Admiral View the names of the women and female children who arrived in Australia aboard this ship in 1792.
  60. Lovely Nelly Passenger List Snow-class ship was built in Wales and made two trips from Southern Scotland to Prince Edward Island. Find out the names of the passengers.
  61. Lyon Passenger List Find a list of immigrants who journeyed from London to Boston in 1632.
  62. Mayflower Passenger List Complete list of everyone who made the historic journey to the New World. Also features some individual profiles.
  63. Molly Passenger List Pennsylvanians who are of German descent might just have a relative on this list of passengers who came in on the Molly in 1741.
  64. Montcalm Passenger List Voyage in 1936 to Europe was in commemoration of Canada's involvement in World War I. Find the names of the crew and passengers.
  65. Olive Tree Genealogy - First Voyage of Columbus Find out who rode along with Columbus on the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. Also features a list of those who didn't survive.
  66. Olive Tree Genealogy - Magellan's Voyages Discover the names of those who survived the first trip around the world. Includes a list of those who were arrested at the Cape Verde Islands.
  67. Palatine Ship Patience Passenger ship made annual trips from Rotterdamn to Philadelphia in the mid-1700s. Find passenger lists and forums for their descendants.
  68. Parsee Passengers Australians whose ancestors arrived at Moreton Bay in 1853 might want to check the list of this ship's passengers.
  69. Passenger List for the Clarendon Documents the immigrants who ventured from Great Britain to Prince Edward Island in 1808.
  70. Passenger List of The British Queen Locate names of Scottish Catholic settlers in Northern Canada's Johnstown that arrived in 1790.
  71. Passengers of the Mayflower Lists of the ship's passengers and crew, with links to their family histories, Mayflower genealogy researchers, and further resources.
  72. Passengers on the Emigrant Check out the list of people who traveled from Sunderland to Melbourne in 1853.
  73. Passengers on the John McKenzie Read about the "Montreal Tragedy" of July 2, 1857 and view the passenger list.
  74. Prince of Wales Peruse a list of the ship's passengers who immigrated from Scotland to North America in 1813 and 1815.
  75. Sailing Ship - The India Traces the disastrous voyage of this ship that carried immigrants from Greenock, Scotland to Port Philip, Australia. View the passenger list.
  76. Sarah Passenger List See who sailed aboard this ship in 1801 to Nova Scotia. Includes names, ages, and town of origin.
  77. Ship Diligent Learn the names of those who rode aboard this ship from Suffolk to Boston in 1638.
  78. Ship Edinburg Passenger Lists Traces the passengers who rode aboard the ship during its voyages to North Carolina in 1770 and Prince Edward Island in 1771.
  79. Ship Griffin Passenger List Features the story of this 1749 voyage of German immigrants to South Carolina. Find out why only 34 of them were allowed to disembark.
  80. Ship Marianne Gives the story of the immigrant ship that left Bremen for Baltimore in 1843. Includes a list of passenger names, occupations, and ages.
  81. Ship Wilmington Passenger List Passenger ship left Belfast for New York in 1803. View the list of passengers.
  82. SS Shinyo Maru Passengers See the names of people who arrived in San Francisco on September 14, 1930. Also lists ages and birthplaces.
  83. St. George Passengers Provides a partial passenger list from this immigrant ship that arrived in New York in 1847.
  84. Titanic - Encyclopedia Titanica Comprehensive resource for the disaster provides crew and passenger lists with individual profiles. Includes deck plans and links to societies.

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