Oral History

  1.  AncientFaces - Genealogical Services Store family photos, documents, recipes or histories at this genealogical archive. Search for related families by surname or send feedback.
  2. Art of the Oral Historian Learn how oral historians do their thing by reading this lengthy article.
  3. Association of Personal Historians Organization dedicates its efforts to preserving life stories. Get some tips on how to keep track of a personal history.
  4. Capturing the Past Discover how to preserve the memories of parents and grandparents so future generations can know about their ancestors.
  5. Doing Oral History Describes the importance and process of oral history. Includes a guide to finding background information in preparation for the research.
  6. Family Tree Maker - Oral Histories  New! Find a collection of articles that give help to those who want to preserve their family's oral histories.
  7. First Steps Beginner's guide to keeping track of family histories. Also features a printable relationship chart.
  8. Interview Absolutely Everyone - Ancestry.com Explains the importance of keeping track of family members' stories. Also features tips on interviewing techniques.
  9. Interview Guide Learn the method of preserving family folklore through interviewing relatives.
  10. Interviewing Relatives - Ancestry.com Gives a brief beginner's guide to keeping track of family oral histories.
  11. Navy Oral History Collection Read anecdotes and biographies and view the historical photos from the US Navy. Find out how to contribute.
  12. One Minute Guide to Oral History Folks that don't want to waste any time learning how to conduct an oral history interview should check out this brief outline.
  13. Oral Histories Provides the definition and an overview of the advantages for this method of record keeping. Also features tips for interviewers.
  14. Oral History Association Forum caters to professionals and scholars who are active in studies relating to oral history. Join the mailing list.
  15. Oral History Interview Browse through a list of topics and questions that are ideal for interviewing a family member.
  16. Oral History Primer Learn how to keep track of family history through interviewing parents and grandparents. Includes a paragraph on ethical considerations.
  17. Oral History Questions Use this list of questions when conducting an oral history interview with a family member.
  18. Oral History Tools Center for Southwest studies provides a questionnaire, guidelines, and a release form.
  19. Oral History Workshop Find tips for preserving a family oral history from Baylor University. Also features a transcribing style guide.
  20. Preserving Community Browse through the oral history instruction manual and find out how to properly plan for a project.
  21. UK Oral History Society International organization dedicates its resources towards preserving family histories. Find out the benefits of membership.
  22. Virginia Folklife Program - Oral History Workshop Browse through these guidelines before conducting an oral history interview.

Page Updated: 24 February, 2002