Please Note : Not all service providers carry all of the Newsgroups. You may or may not be able to access some of these Newsgroups.

  1. alt.war.civil.usa
  2. alt.adoption (for adoptees, birthparents, adoptive parents)
  3. alt.genealogy (general genealogy topics). Gatewayed with the ALT-GENEALOGY mailing list.
  4. alt.scottish.clans
  5. dk.historie.genealogi (general genealogy topics, mostly in Danish)
  6. fido.eur.genealogy
  7. fido.ger.genealogy
  8. fr.comp.applications.genealogie (genealogy software used by French genealogists). Gatewayed with the GEN-FF-LOG mailing list.
  9. fr.rec.genealogie (French-speaking people, mostly in French). Gatewayed with the GEN-FF mailing list.
  10. news.groups (discussions on newsgroup "administration")
  11. no.fritid.slektsforsking.diverse (general genealogy topics, mostly in Norwegian)
  12. no.fritid.slektsforsking.etterlysing (searching relatives/ancestors, mostly in Norwegian)
  13. (computer programs, mostly in Norwegian)
  14. rec.heraldry
  15. sfnet.harrastus.sukututkimus (mostly in Finnish)
  16. soc.genealogy.african. Gatewayed with the GEN-AFRICAN mailing list.
  17. soc.genealogy.australia+nz. Gatewayed with the GENANZ mailing list.
  18. soc.genealogy.benelux. Gatewayed with the GEN-BENELUX and the GENBNL-L mailing lists.
  19. soc.genealogy.britain. Gatewayed with the GENBRIT mailing list.
  20. soc.genealogy.computing (genealogical computing and net resources). Gatewayed with the GENCMP mailing list.
  21. soc.genealogy.french. Gatewayed with the GEN-FR mailing list.
  22. soc.genealogy.german. Gatewayed with the GEN-DE mailing list.
  23. soc.genealogy.hispanic. Gatewayed with the GEN-HISPANIC mailing list.
  24. soc.genealogy.ireland. Gatewayed with the GENIRE mailing list.
  25. soc.genealogy.italian. Gatewayed with the GEN-ITALIAN mailing list.
  26. soc.genealogy.jewish. Gatewayed with the JEWISHGEN mailing list.
  27. soc.genealogy.marketplace. Gatewayed with the GEN-MARKET mailing list.
  28. soc.genealogy.medieval. Gatewayed with the GEN-MEDIEVAL mailing list.
  29. soc.genealogy.methods (genealogy methods and non-net resources). Gatewayed with the GENMTD mailing list.
  30. soc.genealogy.misc (general genealogical discussions that don't fit within one of the other soc.genealogy.* newsgroups). Gatewayed with the GENMSC mailing list.
  31. soc.genealogy.nordic. Gatewayed with the GEN-NORDIC mailing list.
  32. soc.genealogy.slavic. Gatewayed with the GEN-SLAVIC mailing list.
  33. soc.genealogy.surnames.britain. Gatewayed with the SURNAMES-BRITAIN mailing list.
  34. soc.genealogy.surnames.canada. Gatewayed with the SURNAMES-CANADA mailing list.
  35. soc.genealogy.surnames.german. Gatewayed with the SURNAMES-GERMAN mailing list.
  36. (central database). Gatewayed with the SURNAMES mailing list.
  37. soc.genealogy.surnames.ireland. Gatewayed with the SURNAMES-IRELAND mailing list.
  38. soc.genealogy.surnames.misc (regions not covered elsewhere). Gatewayed with the SURNAMES-MISC mailing list.
  39. soc.genealogy.surnames.usa. Gatewayed with the SURNAMES-USA mailing list.
  40. soc.genealogy.west-indies. Gatewayed with the CARIBBEAN mailing list
  41. soc.history.moderated

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