1. 1895 U.S. Atlas This is a great map of the U.S. for 1895. Shows small towns. County by County maps. The graphics are HUGE but well worth the wait as the detail is great. The North Carolina map is a whopping 1.56 mb.
  2. Australian Geographic Place Names (Gazetteer) - The Australian Department of the Environment, Sport and Territories offers an online gazetteer of Australia, including maps.
  3. Civil War Battle Summaries - This site, part of the American Battlefield Protection Program, contains summaries of nearly all the Civil War battles, with maps, statistics, and information about notable figures involved.
  4. Map Machine - The National Geographic Society provides an online collection of its maps.
  5. Panoramic Maps - The Library of Congress presents an online exhibit of its antique panoramic maps.
  6. Perry-Casta´┐Żeda Library Map Collection - The Perry-Casta´┐Żeda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas has a range of maps available online.
  7. U.S. Gazetteer - The U.S. Census Bureau presents a searchable gazetteer of the United States, including maps, ZIP code and population information, and other resources.
  8. World War II Theaters - This site, maintained by the Indiana State University Cartography Department, contains historical maps and charts from the World War II era (1939-1942).
  9. John Robertson's Genealogy & Maps
  10. Tiger Mapping Service
  11. Map Blast
  12. Odden's Bookmarks - Fascinating World of Maps and Mapping
  13. MapQuest
  14. Old Maps - This is a Gopher link to Paris Maps of 1716-1887
  15. Rare Map Collection at Hargrett Library
  16. USPS Address and ZIP Code Information
  17. U.S. Geographic Names Information Service - Gopher Link.
  18. Yahoo - Map Links
  19. Map Guide, The - links to map sites, organised by continent.
  20. Map-Related Web Sites - links to maps and cartographic resources.
  21. USGS Mapping Information GNIS United States and Territories Data Base Query Form

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