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  7. FACES of Adoption America's Waiting Children
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  10. Adoption Online helps build families through adoption.
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  12. Adoptee's Right to Know
  13. Adoption Crossroads Adoptee Birthparent Reunion Search Suport
  14. Falsified Birth Certificates
  15. US ADOPTION LAWS BY STATE - Summary Of State Laws Respecting Access To Adoption Records Or Information.
  17. National Adoption Information Clearinghouse Homepage
  18. Adopt: Assistance, Information, Support
  19. The Ohio Adoption Registry -The Ohio Adoption Registry was established by the Ohio Legislature to provide a confidential and voluntary way for adopted Ohioans and their biological families to find one another.
  20. Quick Link Adoptee Resources
  21. Adoption Law Library
  22. GMW Adoption Query Page - If you are an adoptee and desire contact with a birth parent, or if you are a birth parent and desire contact with a child you placed for adoption, then we invite you to register your information.
  23. Alabama Birthlink
  24. Arizona Adoption Registry
  25. Canadian Adoptees Registry, Inc.
  26. Colorado Adoption Registry
  27. Delaware Reunion Registry
  28. International Soundex Reunion Registry
  29. Lost Connections (a Canadian adoption registry)
  30. Massachusetts Adoption Registry
  31. U.S. Adoption Law
  32. Northwest Pennsylvania Adoption Connection
  33. Virginia Adoption Registry
  34. Wisconsin Adoptee-Birth Family Registry
  35. National Adoption Registry, Inc.
  36. BirthQuest - An online searchable database dedicated to searching Adoptees, Birth Parents, Adoptive Parents and Siblings...
  37. Adoptees Internet Mailing List - This list began in February of 1996 in order to provide adoptees with a private forum for the discussion of adoption search and reunion issues, as well as social, media and legal issues related to adoption.
  38. OASIS: Open Adoption Support and Information Sharing. Pages devoted to open adoption, links to all sorts of adoption information, parenting issues and kids pages!

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